Theory of Constraints

Four Pillars: Every Conflict Can Be Removed

For those who practice the Theory of Constraints (TOC), there are Four Pillars which represent a set of mindsets. Each pillar is representative of an attitude which helps individuals overcome challenges and reach breakthroughs. This is the second blog post in this four-part series: ‘Every Conflict Can Be Removed’ – to read about the first pillar ‘Never Say I Know’ click

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Four Pillars: Never Say I Know

For those who practice the Theory of Constraints (TOC), there are Four Pillars which represent a set of mindsets. Each pillar is representative of an attitude which helps individuals overcome challenges and reach breakthroughs. This blog post presents one of the four: ‘Never Say I Know’.  Best in class.  Operational Excellence. Industry Leading.  How often do you hear these phrases? If you really consider their meaning and

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