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We also produce whitepapers and thought-pieces on either the systems behind, or the practical application of Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC) principles.

If you’re keen to develop your understanding of TOC we encourage you to download any of these papers. And if you have a question about the adoption of TOC applications like Drum-Buffer-Rope, Critical Chain Project Management feel free to ask our advice!

Gedore Case Study

The application of ToC in Gedore.

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Streamlining Projects Case Study

The application of ToC within two project environments

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Managing the Sales Flow The TOC Way

The TOC experience tells us that the market is the primary constraint of every system
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Aerospace Case Study

The application of ToC in the Aerospace industry
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Precision Engineering Case Study

The application of ToC within two manufacturing organisations

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Critical Chain and Agile

Many software environments have invested heavily in Agile (time and money), have buy-in to it and achieved some success. However...
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Railcare Case Study

The application of ToC in train organisation Railcare

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Key Steps to Implementation Success

In many businesses, the speed and quality of management decisions is not good enough...
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