Solution design workshop

Project management

Complete more projects faster — finishing each on time and within budget!

Let us review your existing project management practises and examine the applicability of Critical Chain.

We’ll examine what you can do with the principles of Critical Chain to drastically cut project development times, resulting in early completion without compromising quality or specifications.

Holistic Implementation

Overcome the natural resistance to change that’s the biggest barrier to fast, sustainable results!

Let us show you how Throughput Accounting offers a better way to manage than cost accounting measures that are supposed to create efficiencies but actually harm the bottom line. We’ll knuckle down and develop financial measures your managers can use to quickly, accurately and consistently determine whether their decisions will increase profitability.

Production operations

Fix chronic productivity and quality problems!

Let us reengineer your production operations.
We’ll show you how to vastly multiply your throughput, and drive-up on-time delivery — all based on the guiding principles of TOC as articulated in Eli Goldratt’s breakthrough book, The Goal.

Let Andy be your guide

Andy will travel to you and run an intense two-day workshop with you and your senior team. After the workshop, he’ll package the findings into a comprehensive document and review this with you in a formal presentation.

The workshop outcomes will be detailed enough to enable you, or one of your senior team members, to implement the solution with little or no external assistance.

Comprehensive, practical and downright ingenious

Andy has been facilitating these workshops for more than 15 years. This makes him pretty good at running them. It also means there are few challenges he hasn’t seen before.

The Solution Design Workshop is designed to answer the three most critical questions your organisation is likely to have:


What will the end-state be

How should your processes be designed, measured, resourced and managed?


How will we get there

How can we make the transition without damaging deliveries or sales, losing people or taking unacceptable risks?


What will the financial impact be

Cashflow improvement, inventory reduction and on-time delivery performance?

Additionally, the process is designed to bring your senior team into alignment around this important initiative. After all, they are far more likely to get excited about executing a plan that they have built themselves.



On day one, Andy’s objective is to design the optimal way your organisation should operate. This is the strategy part.

  • Production operations
    Andy will peel away the layers and challenge every preconceived notion you have about production priorities, job queueing, workcentre efficiency, expediting and inventory management.

  • Holistic Implementation
    Andy will upend everything you ever thought about revenue recognition, measuring costs and profitability.

  • Project management
    Andy will drill down into what truly drives project performance and what your project managers must focus on to consistently achieve completion within budget and to specifications.

He’ll ask what you’d do differently if you had to start from scratch — no existing staff, no existing workflows, no KPI or accounting measurements — just great products wanting to get to market without delay!

This will lead to some serious thinking, some strenuous debate and the sacrifice of the odd sacred cow! The end result however, will be the framework of new processes and measures that are more elegant, more efficient and way more effective than you imagined possible.



On day two the focus is execution: how to transition to this end-state as rapidly as possible — without doing harm to deliveries, sales, or cashflow along the way.

In doing so, Andy will consider the practicalities of such a magnitude of change. He’ll map out what roles and skill-sets are required (who needs to do what and what new skills you might need to bring in).

He’ll look at your technology requirements — scheduling and management information systems — and the required process management metrics.

He’ll define the rules and policies needed to keep new processes in sync even when stressed by urgent demands. Finally, he’ll consider how to best integrate all these new processes with your existing marketing, sales, and customer service operations.

Presentation of Findings

Andy will write up the findings and conclusions post the Solution Design Workshop and present them back to the executive team in a formal presentation of findings.

This document is both comprehensive and practical. It will show you the path you need to follow with a thorough step-by-step plan.

He’ll workflow your optimal production or project process showing who does what, when, and the collateral required to make it work.

Andy will diagram your optimal resourcing model — identifying constraints and crucial inventory buffer locations — to effectively increase your throughput by an order of magnitude. And he’ll outline the technology you will need (CRM, production management information systems, etc) to make everything work effectively.

Embracing uncertainty

Senior teams consistently report that these Solution Design Workshops are enormously valuable. Certainly, it’s not unusual for organisations to make radical changes to their business strategy after their workshops.

However, Andy is careful to urge caution. In a transition of this magnitude there will always be uncertainty. Can production keep up? Can management handle the change? Will customers (and competitors) respond as expected? And so on. Consequently, Andy helps organisations to adopt an iterative execution process, where assumptions are progressively tested and validated before critical changes are made.

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