An introduction to Goldratt UK engagements

For a fixed monthly fee we provide you a consultant and all the inputs necessary to build a shockingly effective business function, in the fastest time possible.

I’m your TOC Consultant

When you work with Goldratt UK, you will work with me: a Goldratt UK TOC Consultant. It’s my role to take the plan you helped developed in Solution Design Workshop and bring it to life.

In doing so, I build and supervise the critical infrastructure and processes required for the successful implementation of TOC and related initiatives in your organisation.

I’ll take care of all the mechanics and build you a fully-resourced and scalable process based on the principles of TOC, so your company can effectively manage bottlenecks and can get on with producing and delivering great products and projects on-time, to-spec and in full.

I’m your project manager

I will work hands-on in your business as an extension to your management team, overseeing and implementing key change initiatives.

I’ll ensure the integrity of your redesigned processes — whether it’s production, distribution, sales or a holistic effort that involves many business units. You’ll be able to see and comment on the status of all initiatives and tasks in real time via our collaborative project management dashboard.

And every month I will provide the Senior Management team with a detailed report advising the status of current initiatives and the overall performance of the implementation.

I’m your coach

I will take personal responsibility for the up-skilling and ongoing coaching of team members in understanding and applying TOC principles within and throughout the organisation.

This includes everything from a basic understanding of how to continuously exploit constraints, to identify long-term disincentives or siloing issues that may persist and inhibit change.

I’m your trainer

As your designated consultant, I’ll work with your key staff and middle management to get them adept at working in — and managing— a TOC, throughput-driven environment.

This includes things like how to analyse new reporting systems to run an effective (and meaningful scheduling meeting).
And what to look out for when examining critical metrics such as buffer size and constraint (and non-constraint) use to keep your processes at peak throughput.

Request Solution Design Workshop Overview

Andy regularly runs Solution Design Workshops across the United Kingdom. His calendar tends to be heavily booked so it’s wise to plan in advance.

Complete the form and we’ll send you a detailed overview, including pricing options. Andy will almost certainly want to speak with you before committing to run a workshop (primarily to confirm there is potential for him to deliver significant value).