Rules of Flow in Manufacturing

Born out of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) come Goldratt UK's 10 Rules of Flow for Manufacturing.

Businesses that implement TOC within their manufacturing operations will see a dramatic increase in output whilst reducing lead-times. Ultimately, implementing TOC significantly improves a business' ability to deliver on-time, in full.

A business management philosophy founded by Dr. Eli Goldratt, TOC aims to achieve breakthroughs in performance quickly. Eli articulated his methodology in a series of books, his first - and most famous - of which being 'The Goal' which became a business bestseller and a staple of university reading lists. 'The Goal' has been publicly endorsed by Times Magazine, Forbes and Jeff Bezos. Its lessons continue to inspire business leaders today.

What are the benefits of implementing TOC and the Rules of Flow for Manufacturing?

Improved OTIF
Increase delivery performance to 99%. Deliver on-time, in full - every time.
Reduced Lead-Times

Reduce lead-times by up to 75%.

Increase In Capacity

Increase capacity by 30-50% (without the need for investment).

Reduction in Internal Costs
Reduce internal costs by 15-20%.
Increase in Sales

Increase sales by 20%.

Increase in Profitability

A 100% increase in profitability and growth.

Goldratt UK and the Theory of Constraints

Goldratt UK is a management consultancy specialising in the application of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to improve flow and capacity in Operations and Project environments.

The team have over 25 years’ experience implementing TOC within client organisations to deliver rapid results which stick. A key element of Goldratt UK’s solutions is sustainability.

Goldratt UK’s TOC experts will work with your in-house team to coach and mentor your people in the tools and techniques so that your business can flourish long after the implementation comes to an end.

The video here is of a Manufacturing Management Live Panel featuring Goldratt UK’s Managing Director, Andy Watt. In this session, Andy takes you through some interactive exercises which will help you to understand and manage flow in your workplace.

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TOC - Where it all began...

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a successful management philosophy which was developed by Dr. Eli Goldratt in the early 1980s. Eli noticed recurring inefficiencies and systemic issues in production environments and posited that any system – particularly a manufacturing system – is limited in achieving its goal by a small number of Constraints. The performance of the system could be drastically improved through identifying and effectively managing these Constraints.

Eli Goldratt – Presenting the Theory of Constraints

In 1984, Eli published his business bestseller ‘The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement’ bringing these concepts to a much larger audience. It follows the protagonist, Alex Rogo, a Plant Manager attempting to save his factory using TOC. ‘The Goal’ became highly influential and is still a staple among business leaders across many sectors.

Eli continued to expand and develop the theory through subsequent books, seminars, and consulting work in client organisations. He presented the Five Focusing Steps which offers a framework to get people started identifying and managing their business Constraints.

Initially focused on manufacturing, TOC was later applied to other areas: project management, supply chain management, sales, and more.

When Eli sadly passed away in 2011, his legacy was continued through his work and his children. Dr. Efrat Goldratt-Ashlag, his daughter, published her book ‘Goldratt’s Rules of Flow: The Principles of The Goal Applied to Projects’ in 2022.

In it, Efrat discusses some of the obstacles to implementing the principles and focuses on the importance of measures in driving the right behaviours. This is a great introduction to Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) – which is TOC applied to projects.

This inspired a new approach at Goldratt UK. Watch the video (28-minutes) to hear Efrat explain her book in her own words.

Efrat Goldratt-Ashlag – Goldratt’s Rules of Flow

BAE's 10 Rules of Flow

BAE Systems were curious about Critical Chain Project Management. Together with Goldratt UK, BAE developed their own CCPM-inspired 10 Rules of Flow (below).

Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) were the first to engage with CCPM. The team at RBSL won multiple project management awards in 2023 for their implementation of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) which saw a dramatic increase in the number of major subcontracts on-time, and passed the quality and maturity Critical Design Review on schedule and budget.

More TOC Success Stories from Around the World...

Hear from others on a TOC journey.

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TOC to Boost Aeronautical Manufacturing Performance (32 mins)


Interesting three case studies in one Phillip Marris presentation.

Case Study A – Flight Control Systems Equipment Manufacturer

Case Study B – Large Sophisticated Aero Ball Bearings Manufacturer

Case Study C – Small Aero Ball Bearings Manufacturer

Exciting results were achieved in each story.

TOC – 400 Success Stories in Manufacturing (22 mins)

TOC Implemented in the US Marine Crops Logistics Depots (6 mins)

Tesseract – The Air Force Office of Logistics Innovation, USA.

Already advocates of the Theory of Constraints, the team at Tesseract have had to think about how to ensure the sustainability of the solution.

“What we don’t want to see is somebody doing TOC because they have to do it. We want them to do TOC because that’s the right way of doing maintenance.”


Tesseract’s TOC Sustainment Strategy with CMSgt Tim Jordan (42 mins)

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