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TOCPA Conference and Workshops

The TOCPA Conference and Workshops will be held
Whittlebury Hall Hotel on Wednesday 9th November
Thursday 10th November. For more information
please click here.

Public Programmes

We know that many of you have enjoyed reading
books on TOC and would love to go a little deeper
into the TOC knowledge but there have not been
any reasonably priced public programmes available
here in the UK for some time. We have therefore
decided to re-launch public programmes for 2012
and give people the chance to learn more
interactively. The programmes will be led by Martin
Powell who has over 17 years experience in TOC
and worked directly with Dr Goldratt for many
years until his passing in June.

We are starting with two programmes – “Managing
Flow” and “Systematic Thinking Tools”. The
“Managing Flow” programme (2 days) will cover
how to apply TOC to managing the flow in
Operations [both ‘To order’ and ‘To availability’],
Distribution and Projects. The second programme
“Systematic Thinking Tools” (3 days) will cover the
3 basic cause-and-effect Thinking Processes – the
Cloud, the Negative Branch
and the Ambitious Target tools. Click here to
find out more.

Goldratt UK

Goldratt UK facilitates business improvements that result in bottom line growth and specialise in working in manufacturing and project management environments. Using our proven templates, strategies and applications combined with a thorough understanding of your operations and organisation, we aim to realise benefits quickly and create a stable system with capacity for significant growth. Click here for more information about our result based consultancy approach and what you can expect from us.

Using Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC), and Critical Chain supported by other improvement methodologies we will give you a customised solution highlighting the opportunities for your organisation to grow rapidly and compete in today’s demanding environment.

If you are looking to implement the principles in Dr Eli Goldratt’s “The Goal”, in particular Drum-Buffer-Rope and Throughput Accounting please complete the form below, and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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