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Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Project Managers: deliver more, and build your career and earnings without years of study….

Join our Masterclass series if you’re:

  • Struggling to improve your speed of product delivery
  • Your planning cycles take too long and are rarely accurate
  • The costs of delivery are increasing
  • You’re under constant pressure to deliver results
  • You’re being asked for updates regularly on progress
  • Finding it difficult to get time and traction with leaders in your organisation

How is this different from other classes you’ve taken

This masterclass series is run by people who are in the thick of project delivery every single day.  There are no complex workbooks to follow. Every session is packed with actionable methods, and tools you can action immediately after the session. ALSO IT’S COMPLETELY FREE.

Why should I attend?

If you want to fast track your career and earnings, you’ll need expertise in two key areas: the first is in delivery methodology, so why not get it from experienced implementers with a proven track record? The second is in influencing senior leaders. We cover both these in detail in our masterclass series, if you want a boost in your career, this is the training for you.

Why choose Goldratt UK?

We are leading the way in Critical Chain project delivery and operational change. Are you familiar with the Theory of Constraints, The Goal, Critical Chain, Eli Goldratt? This is the basis of our business solutions. And there’s no cost to the masterclass series, register now to learn how to get huge results.

How does it work?

Each masterclass has a specific theme, at the end of the session you’ll get copies of the slides and any checklists we produce to support delivery.  Also, we’ll give you the opportunity to speak with other business executives undergoing a CCPM transformation.

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