Roscomac: Made With Precision

The Applications of TOC in Manufacturing

Roscomac are a precision engineering company that produce thousands of components, for companies across the UK. They struggled to keep up with their growing order book and decided to turned to Goldratt UK to help increase their production capabilities and turn their fortunes around.

"Now the operations platform is built I can focus my time on
building the business rather than fighting fires"

Joe Martello, Managing Director, Roscomac

Case Background

Roscomac is an established precision engineering firm that manufacture a range of components and sub-assemblies. The company’s main issues were due to their growth, meaning Roscomac
were struggling to deal with increasing client demand, meaning
there were a number of key challenges that they were having to

  • Due Date Performance of around 40% OTIF
  • Rising Lead Times as orders start to build up
  • Large levels of stock holding

The Approach

From this it was clear that the operations needed a new strategy. The first step Goldratt UK did was to reduce the WIP by reducing number of Make-to-Order items on the shop floor and completing orders in priority order. When doing this it became clear their milling process was their ‘constraint’ and most heavily loaded resource, as result all actions were implemented to improve output.

The Results

Over the course of 1 year, Roscomac noted a number of improvements:

  • The amount of Work in Progress dramatically fell.
  • The length of time goods are on the shop floor was considerablyless
  • Due Date Performance rose from 40% to 95%+
  • Product availability for stock items significantly improved

What Did These results look and feel like?

The number of complaints and follow ups on products from clients has reduced. Which means the customer service team are happier and more productive too. In addition, the increased productivity from the operations team means that the Managing Director intervention on the day to day running is also reduced in favour other business orientated tasks.

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