PDD: Pharmaceutical Precision

The Applications of TOC in pharmaceutical company

PPD is a leading contract research organisation, with offices around the world, providing discovery, development and post-approval services to a range of pharmaceutical, biotechnic and medical organisation. Goldratt UK were able to help them change their fortunes and significantly improve their financial situation.

Case Background

Clinical studies are very complex with high uncertainty, things can change very quickly and un-expectedly. The companies that are best dealing with these changes are invariably the most successful, as this requires an organisation to be dynamic and flexible. Within PPD and number of challenges were highlighted.

  • There was a complete environment with multiple projects across time zones and locations occurring
  • Access to high management was difficult
  • Vast amounts of firefighting
  • Resources were not available when required

The Approach

The vision was for all projects carried out by PPD, both internal and external, being planned and managed in accordance with the concepts of Critical Chain and Buffer Management, to achieve On Time – In Full – Within Budget delivery to client in a way that:

  • Maintains a steady momentum of change across the business
  • Gives management full visibility of project progress and risk against time times
  • Provide a mechanism for synchronising across projects to improve bad multi-tasking
  • Improving the immunisation of projects against missing deadlines or scope

The Results

After supporting PPD for several years the following results were achieved in conjunction with their overall company strategy

  • Revenue increase from $430 million to over $1.2 billion. A 300% increase.
  • Pre-dosing due date performance rose from <10% to 65%
  • 30% shorter lead times

What Did These results look and feel like?

  • Work priority was visible across all levels
  • Management had better data so could better manage people on a range of projects and across different sites.

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