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This FREE training will demonstrate to Senior Leaders how Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) techniques can be applied to deliver large, late-running enterprise projects - in less time without adding additional expensive resources.

Goldratt UK are offering this CCPM Masterclass Programme free of charge - register today to kickstart your CCPM journey. 

Do you deliver large (often late-running) enterprise projects?

Discover the 5 simple steps and implementation sequence for faster delivery in products and projects.

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Critical Chain Project Management Training Opportunity for Business Managers, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Project Leaders, and Product Owners.

What will this webinar cover?

Goldratt UK's research findings on the frequency of enterprise-level project failures.

Five of the most common errors which occur in most projects environments - and are the root cause of late delivery.

  • A simple mistake around how tasks are handled is the biggest reason for project failure...
  • Why most planning sessions fail to deliver accurate, reliable plans...
  • Where you are most likely going wrong with your measures, and where you should be looking to gain instant feedback on late-running projects...
  • Why setting due dates and milestones will actually contribute to the late running of your projects...
  • Why projects start with a lack of leadership alignment and how to fix this easily...

Goldratt UK, Critical Chain Project Management and Theory of Constraints Management Consulting.

Goldratt UK are leading the way in the development and implementation of Critical Chain Project Management within projects departments in the UK.

Dr. Eli Goldratt developed the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and articulated it in his business bestseller 'The Goal'.  TOC is the basis of all Goldratt UK business solutions and the team have achieved astounding results in hundreds of organisations across the UK and Europe.

Goldratt UK are offering this CCPM Masterclass Programme free of charge - register today to kickstart your CCPM journey.