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Andy Watt – The Key Concepts

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start learning about CCPM and the Rules of Flow for Project Management, have a watch of this 40-minute webinar hosted by Goldratt UK’s Managing Director, Andy Watt. This webinar offers a holistic introduction to Goldratt UK and the Critical Chain Project Management.

Learn about Dr. Eli Goldratt, the founding father of the Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Project Management, and how Goldratt UK have implemented these methods in across hundreds of organisations. Then, importantly, listen as Andy introduces the key concepts of CCPM and gives you an idea of the benefits you are likely to see as a result of implementing them in your department.

To increase your technical understanding, scroll down the page to hear some of our CCPM-experts zoom in on some important tactics.

Ben Johnson – Single Project Constraints

Ben is one of Goldratt UK’s Management Consultants and a TOC and CCPM expert (accredited with TOCICO). He works with organisations, either with a company as a whole or with specific departments to achieve significant improvements in performance.

Have a watch of this 3-minute video to learn more about Constraints in a single-project environment.

Ben recaps Goldratt’s 5 Focusing Steps, then distinguishes between the two types of project systems and their relative Constraints. In this video, he focuses on single project systems.

Ben Johnson – Multi-Project Constraints

Following on from single projects, in this 3-minute video Ben speaks on multi-project environments.

Have a watch to understand what is meant by a ‘multi-project system’ and five of the undesirable effects experienced in these environments. He goes on to explain where the Constraint lies…

Ollie Buck – Reducing the WIP

Ollie is one of Goldratt UK’s Management Consultants and a TOC and CCPM expert (accredited with TOCICO). Ollie has been with Goldratt UK since 2017 and comes from the Aviation industry where he spent 10-years managing large multi-organisational operations and improvement projects.

In this 7-minute video Ollie will take you through one of the most fundamental concepts of Critical Chain Project Management and the Theory of Constraints at large – ‘Reducing the WIP’.

Have a watch to learn how to effectively reduce the WIP in your system and why it’s a good thing…

Andy Watt – Focus and Finish Mindset

Here’s Goldratt UK’s MD, Andy, again to take you through an important mindset – focus and finish. In this 7-minute video, he reiterates the importance of reducing the WIP and the levels of multi-tasking and interruptions.

Have a watch to gain some of the necessary tools and techniques you need in order to adopt this game-changing mindset…

Ben Johnson – Buffers and Priorities

Ben is back to present project buffers and priorities. In this 8-minute video, he discusses how to pick what you/your people work on first and demonstrates a visual way to monitor project progress and inform priorities.

A valuable video in understanding one of the unique features of Critical Chain Project Management.

Phil Snelgrove – Full Kit

Phil Snelgrove is Head of Operations at Goldratt UK and a Technical Expert in TOC and CCPM (accredited with TOCICO). Phil has been working with the principles since 2003 and has worked with clients to improve entire supply chains (procurement / development / operations / sales / distribution).

In this 8-minute video, Phil walks us through Full Kit – a highly effective tactic to boost output. The principle of Full Kit is to have everything required to finish a task/job available to you at the outset – you don’t begin work without a Full Kit.

Listen to Phil to learn more about it.

Ollie Buck – Roles and Responsibilities

Ollie speaks in this 8-minute video about the different roles and responsibilities in project work. He breaks it down into three groups: Senior Management, Project Management and Task Management.

Have a listen to learn more.

Jono Lockwood – Bottlenecks and Constraints

Jono is one of Goldratt UK’s Management Consultants and a TOC and CCPM expert (accredited with TOCICO). He works with both small and large enterprises to deliver dramatic improvements within complex environments.

In this helpful 9-minute video, Jono differentiates between a ‘bottleneck’ and a ‘Constraint’. A valuable lesson to learn…

He takes it one step further and then explains the difference between an internal and external Constraint.

Finally, he reiterates the importance of correctly identifying your Constraint and where to take it from there.

Ollie Buck – Cause and Effect Logic

Jono is one of Goldratt UK’s Management Consultants and a CCPM expert (accredited with TOCICO). Have a watch of this 7-minute video to improve your understanding of this crucial CCPM-tactic.

Reducing the WIP and controlling the release of work at the front end is such an important principle in the Theory of Constraints and CCPM that Andy Watt named his business book series after it – you can request a free copy of his first book ‘Release: The Vision’ here.

Recommended Literature

Lay the foundations... Read the books.

'The Goal' Dr. Eli Goldratt

Eli's bestselling business novel introducing the principles of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Endorsed by Times Magazine, Forbes and Jeff Bezos (to name a few) this book revolutionised the way business leaders look at operations and internal processes. 'The Goal', for many people, is considered essential reading for business managers, irrespective of industry.

Goldratt's narrative is engaging and thought-provoking. He takes complex concepts and makes them accessible and memorable for readers. The story follows Plant Manager, Alex Rogo, as he struggles to save his failing factory. With the help of his mentor, Jonah, Alex learns to identify and manage the system's Constraints which are limiting the overall performance. Readers follow Alex's journey as learns to streamline operations, improve productivity, and ultimately save his plant.

This book encourages business leaders to think differently about traditional practices and adopt a 'common sense approach'. It is valuable reading to anyone working in a management position, and the perfect start for anyone thinking of embarking on a TOC journey.


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'Critical Chain' Dr. Eli Goldratt

The sequel to 'The Goal', this book focuses on project management and applies TOC to project-based environments - and so, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) was born.

'Critical Chain' addresses challenges and inefficiencies commonly faced in project management. It introduces the reader to key CCPM tactics such as resource levelling, project buffers, and the importance of the project's Critical Chain - the sequence of dependent tasks that determine the project's duration.

Goldratt adopts the same style as his previous bestseller, using fiction to convey fact, and make this new approach and its subsequent results feel tangible to the reader. Offering practical ways to improve project performance and delivery, this book is critical reading for professionals working to deliver complex projects.


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'Goldratt's Rules of Flow' Dr. Efrat Goldratt-Ashlag

Efrat has continued her father's legacy by writing what she describes as the book he would have wanted to write before he passed away. Taking her father's theory and combining it with lessons learned from countless implementations over many years, Efrat presents several practical rules for optimising the flow of work through a system.

This book presents theoretical insights, practical examples and case studies which illustrate how these rules can be applied in various industries. Efrat has produced a valuable resource for anyone looking to drive organisational success through streamlining operations, reducing bottlenecks and improving efficiency and productivity.

'Goldratt's Rules of Flow' served as inspiration for the development of Goldratt UK's own 10 Rules of Flow for Project Management.


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‘Release: The Vision’ Andy Watt

The first book in Andy Watt’s Theory of Constraints-based business series ‘Release’. A short book jam-packed with practical lessons that will help you to reduce lead-times, increase output and develop an edge on your competition.

A quick and easy read following new Managing Director, Grace, as she strives to turn her top line into her bottom line and inject cash to the company bank account. She enlists the help of Goldratt UK to implement TOC in her organisation to deliver the results she’s looking for.

This book is a valuable resource for those looking to implement TOC in operations, or seeking an engagement with Goldratt UK. It portrays the entire process of engagement and subsequent books in this series follow the implementation. ‘Release: The Potential’ was published earlier this year.

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