Coaching Programme

Coaching Program

About The Program

This Coaching Program will help you to improve the flow of your business, whilst giving you the re-assurance that process improvement can occur week-by-week.

There are 5 topic areas that will be focussed on to improve your operational efficiencies:

  • Increasing Your Output
  • Improving you Flow and reducing your WIP
  • How to Reduce your Lead Times
  • Manage your Priorities
  • Due Date Setting

In addition to this you will receive an action plan highlighting the strategies and tactics required to aid the implementation into your organisation.

What's Included

This Coaching will run over a 12 week period and will consist of two elements

In Operations


There will be 12 2-hour weekly webinars in which you and members of your team will be able to draw on knowledge presented by TOC experts, highlighting key operational issues and discussing how to over come them. A Q&A session will proceed after to clarify your learning and answer any issues you have.

1-2-1 Calls

There will be 12 weekly 1-2-1's which will enable you to communicate any problems you are having implementing your knowledge gained, in the webinars, in to your operations. In addition, these calls enables you to pick the brains of a TOC expert to further increase your knowledge and provide the support you require to improving your operational performance.

Help Line

A Help Line will also be made avaliable to you in the event of any major issues you occour that requires immediate help.

Why Is this Course For Me?

This Coaching Program will provide you with a step by step by step guide to implementing the Theory of Constrains in to your organisation. Regardless of whether you are Make-to-Order (MTO) or Make-to-Availability (MTA) we will provide you with the best knowledge and skills to have a positive impact on both your personal development and that of the company. The course will also provide you with the strategies and tactics required to significantly improve your business performance.

The Outcomes

The aim of this program varies depending on your business;

For MTO organisations this program seeks to:

  • Improve your delivery performance up to 99%
  • Lower your Lead Times

For MTA organisation this Program focuses on your inventory and eradicating:

  • Stock Outs Issues
  • Overstocks Issues





Additional Information

This course is run over a 12 week period, with no obligation the continue after the first 4 weeks, as payments are monthly!

The Course will be run by leading TOC experts, which gives you the confidence that you will receive all the knowledge and tools required for business success.


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