Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors: Streamlining Projects

The Applications of ToC in a Automotive Company

As a luxury car brand, Bentley need to have the best products available, but after market research changes were required, Goldratt UK were able to assist in the successful running of this project change.

"By focusing on areas that are problematic, we are able to deliver better than expected results"

Head of Engineering, Bentley Motors

Case Background

Bentley Motors is the definitive British luxury car brand, known for their craftmanship. When Goldratt UK arrive at Bentley the company were in the midst of a product refresh, updating and modernising one of the current vehicles. The challenge was encountered when their market research showed they needed to design a new seat to satisfy their US audience. As a result, the challenge of designing a new seat for the American market, whilst working in the ridged engineering environment

The Approach

From this it was clear that the implementation was to be broken down into two phases;

Planning - Setting logical due dates that have been calculated based on duration of tasks. Plus, understanding Bentley’s high level flow to create a logical dependency.

Execution - Regularly reviewing progress of the plan in comparison to the buffer consumptions and taking quick corrective action when buffer consumption was too high.

The Results

Over the time Goldratt UK spent with Bentley Motors there were a number of successes:

  • The project was delivered on time, in this case the project time took 50% less that their standard timings.
  • Outsourced parts lead times reduced significantly, to around 50%

What Did These Results Look and Feel Like?

  • High level of collaboration and communication from all involved in the project
  • Fast escalation of problems, so they are solved quickly and efficiently
  • Tasks are completed on time, with no delays to the due date

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